• Catherine Schwartz

Cracked MacBook Screens - What's Cracking'?

Anyone else spend $1500 on a new MacBook Air with the M1 chip only to have the screen crack due to a teeny tiny something or rather getting caught between the keyboard and screen while closed?

Granted, I'm not super careful with, well, anything, but come on! Apparently there's a potential class-action lawsuit to dive into this issue and according to the this article,

some people have been able to get the screens replaced for free. I didn't have this experience. The well tatted, pretty damn cute dude at the Apple store was apologetic enough when he explained to me that there was a "point of impact" that caused the crack (I think it was literally 1/4 of a chia seed...w t f) AND that since I didn't have AppleCare (again, w t f) it was going to be around $545 to fix it.

Anyone else dealing with this?

Needless to say, with no AppleCare in my life, I'm going to need to step up how I Care for my Apple. Ya know, like it's a $1500 precious, essential and DELICATE A F tool that can be completely ruined by 1/4 a chia seed.

Despite my thinking of you sort of like my narcissistic ex during situations like this, I do love you, Apple. I really do.