• Catherine Schwartz

LED - Forget TVs & Think BEAUTY TECH!

According to PS Market Research, the “Beauty Devices Market” will increase by almost $82M by 2030. The increase is thanks to advances in tech, the "at home" demand and "Beauty Tutorials" taking over social media feeds.

The advances I'm focusing on today are around LED light! Light Emitting Diodes are no longer just found in light bulbs and TVs; it's the tech giving consumers the ability to perform beauty regiments once restricted to dentists and doctors offices, AT HOME. Whitening teeth, eradicating wrinkles even strengthening and re-growing hair can now happen in your living room, thanks to these cool gadgets!


Forget paying $$$ for a blow out at a "Dry Bar", now you can get the same power and tech in this at home hair dryer. This is BY FAR the coolest dryer I've ever seen, which is why I have been working with them to draw awareness to it!

This baby has some MAJOR power and 8 intelligent power and temperature controls so no matter the hair type or style you have, you can achieve the awesome hair you know makes you feel fantastic!

Other features I'm loving include:

  • "Red Light" technology which literally strengthens the hair as it's drying

  • Omits negative ions to reduce frizz

  • 3 attachments for various styles

  • IT FOLDS IN HALF - super portable!!


RE-GROWING HAIR IS A REAL THING!! Thanks to medical grade LED red lights inside this wireless cap, you can literally regenerate hair.

This cap and app system not only does a great job at keeping you on track with treatments by reminding you when it's time for use, but it allow you to witness the miracle of your progress through a photo journal feature that will have you in disbelieve after just a few weeks. Currently, this is the only FDA cleared combo system of its kind, and it's awesome!


Whitening Light Tech, just like at the dentists, is now available at home in combination with an awesome, powerful electric toothbrush! It's just so smart!

Of course an electric tooth brush cleans and reduced plaque SO much more effectively than a traditional brush, but using this brush will help you achieve teeth that are 3 shades lighter in just 7 days of use!

Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro

Last but in NO way least, this is the most unbelievable mask I've ever had on my face! This mask is so magical that it can literally give you a better looking face in no time.

Using it for just 3 minutes each day, it uses both red and blue LED light to do the unthinkable such as:

  • Eliminate acne

  • Reduce redness

  • Erase fine lines

  • Promote collagen

OK parents, which one are you wanting to try first??

Thank you to Skin Research Institute for working with me on this post!