• Catherine Schwartz

Covid Mask Envy?

I've noticed I'm getting mask envy. Is this happening to anyone else?

When the mask situation first started, I remember watching Kate Hudson explain how to make a mask out of cloth and bands, showing off what kind of cotton it should be made out of and how to tie it. It was cute and made me follow her direction. I thought I was cute. Seeing as 3.5 M followers watched her video, I'm assuming others felt the same way I did.

And then the situation kept going. And going. And

the things started happening where people were sending Jack and I home sewn masks out of odd material, which they were clearly making during lockdown out of horror and boredom. While these were indeed odd, at least they were't as off the wall as these...

Then came the white disposables, which were fine except I wore the white side out and I guess the blue side was supposed to be out, so, yeah. Then it seemed like everyone in the know went to the seriously strange looking disposables that were flat then pointed way out. I didn't like them but my doctor wore them, so I did too.

Then, overnight, it seems massive amounts of people either went couture with what they rocked, or they switched to black versions of the disposable masks, which I later realized was because they didn't show when you were breathing as clearly - which I guess was an annoyance to people (wtf?).

I could go on with this saga, but I wanted to get to the real trigger of my envy... it was when I went to the ER and saw what the doctors on the front lines have. Now, envy might not be the right word since I understand this is a horrible situation, but hopefully you're picking up what I'm throwing down. They look exactly how they should and I WANT ONE. The closest I could find is this "wearable air purifier" pictured to the left from LG, called the Puricare.

Razer makes one as well called "Project Hazel" and it looks like it's what I wanted, but my boyfriend says it got bad reviews and he's a bad ass when it comes to deciphering reviews soooo.... but I must say, it looks pretty amazing.

The CDC has a comprehensive page that has "Your Guide On Masks" so read up on what they say you should wear AND WEAR IT... PLEASE...