• Catherine Schwartz


So, I consider myself a pretty progressive, non-strict and very chill parent. Probably to a fault - I mean, I allowed Jack to play GTA wellll before puberty, viewing it as a "teaching tool" for what life can really be like living in LA. I'm being 100.

Jack i's now a 15-year-old teen who is a complete sweetheart and thinks I'm both nuts and wonderful for allowing him to play GTA back in the day. He's amazing. But while he is into his phone like a teen in 2021, he's FREAKED OUT by Snapchat and deleted it. He has been tormented by others via the app and I am beginning to see Snapchat as the devil.

I don't see it as the app's fault necessarily, and I have NO idea what to suggest be done about it on, like, a developer level, all I know is that I'm not the only parent with a child who has had suicidal thoughts stemming from the virtual bullying and straight up physiological torture that can happen only on SnapChat, a variety of ways, and for a variety reasons.

Now, looking at it from the other side, yes, there are all kinds of stories about how Snapchat has helped locate missing people and runaway teens, as well as helped solve all kinds of cases thanks to the app's ability to locate and anonymity capabilities... but I'M OVER IT.

What do you think?