• Cat Schwartz

@BlackJaguarWhiteTiger - My New Position!

As many of you know HiTechMommy is only one aspect of my career. The other is running a digital marketing company called DGTL Advisors,. Through DGTL I help all kinds of clients with various aspects of their digital marketing; for example, I advise Social Media Influencers on building businesses and investing in startups, CEOs on how to expand their personal brands, large corporations on how to launch a product over social media. I love it, but recently I've been wanting to do more to give back to the universe.

I had sort of a hard year emotionally and found myself looking at the Instagram account, BlackJaguar White Tiger, to escape. Well, I couldn't help but send the guy who runs the foundation, Eddie, ideas on how I could help him - and guess what?! I'm now officially part of the team!!! I'm thrilled!!!

If you're not familiar with the account you HAVE to check it out!! Eddie has grown his crazy large following of 3M on Facebook and 6.5M on Instagram by doing one thing - consistently posting content .

Of course it’s not just any content, it’s him in his cool looking digs (called stage one) with fantastically hip art on the walls and baby lions, tigers and jaguars all over the floors.

And the beds.

And in the closet where his shoes should be.

Oh man- that closet alone! He has a nanny (nanny Elle) who 9 times out of 10 is in there feeding a litter of baby tigers while surrounded by boxes that contain other rescued animals like these REALLY rare birds call the horned Juans (more rare than pandas), or baby monkeys, a huge snake or a tank full of baby mice!

Then he takes you outside, like to the backyard of his condo in the heart of Mexico City, where he constantly looks like he RISKS HIS LIFE in front of millions of people (actually it’s more like an average of 1k to 10k viewers each stream) by going live on Insta to play/brush/feed/sing to the larger cats. He does this at least 5-7 days a week for at least 20 min, often 2X a day. It's awesome and it's all to gain awareness so he can help these animals and give them a voice.

He also posts at least 5 stills a day of his cats along with funny fan submissions or just great animal centric pix, and often his shots feature famous/cool house guests like Kristen Stewart, the Kardashians and the other super cool looking people that are around.

Aside from Nanny Elle other cast members include guys that help him with all the dirty work , his homies who visit regularly who are very sweet and funny to watch... and again the known faces. Louis Hamilton,, Sasha & John Digweed (who he named two babies after) Demi Lovato and the list goes on.

Aside from all the day-to-day shooting that goes on, Eddie is constantly developing friendships in high places,creating an products for mainstream fans, idesigning a new pieces of merch - and most importantly, he's CONSTANTLY arranging rescues all while taking care of his OVER 400 animals who live between the house and his ranch.

Needless to say he’s a content machine with great natural storylines and I love being a part of the action.

Can't wait to get down there!!

PS: Listen to the way the babies communicate with Papa Bear AKA Eddie ... also look at some of my other favorite posts!