• Cat Schwartz

Holiday Tech !

TECH HAS ARRIVED!! It really has. 60% of all gifts this year will have an on/off switch, so to me, GEEKS HAVE WON! Here are a few ideas for the tech lover in your life.

Nikon D7500

We get used to using our phones to snap pics but the quality often suffers, so if you’re looking to buy for someone who posts a ton of photos, an aspiring social media influencer or the person who's just into fantastic imagey help them take it up a notch with the Nikon D7500.

This DSLR camera helps you take incredible image thanks to amazing low light capability, stabilization technology, a super-fast 8 frames per second shutter speed and most of all, it’s ease of use. Also, it takes 4K Ultra HD video and has pro-grade creative tools which makes this baby so versatile. Personally I love that it has Wifi capability so through the Nikon SnapBridge App, pictures and videos can be transfered to phone or computer over WiFi , like I did with these pics earlier.

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

Wearable tech like smart watches are still a super hot gift and the Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatches will not disappoint. Look how cool it is on my wrist. I love it! Aside from telling time it’s water proof up to 50 meters, allows you to send and receive texts, play music via your Spotify playlists, check the news or weather, and of course, monitor your fitness levels. You can get $50 off if you buy it from their site so check it out today.


LOL Dolls

This is a HOT toy that's taking advantage of several of the latest trends in social media and the way kids communicate with each other. It's quite brilliant. They name itself is based off the code language of choice for the generation wanting the to buy the doll. So there's that. Next, the doll's packaging is designed in such a way that you don't know which doll you've been given until it has be unboxed. The surprised comes under 7 layers of internal packaging which means you literally find yourself peeling away layers to get to the surprise. This may sound like whatever, but it's conducive to a VERY hot trend in digital video, the "unboxing" video. Kids got the idea by watching product reviewers record themselves opening a box and describing the contents, step by step. Popular doesn't even begin to describe this trend so the fact that the doll was made for this type of video totally worked and has led to millions of views of kids unboxing their LOL dolls - that sure is a lot of free promotion!!

Discovery Kids VR Headset

When parents think about buying a VR headset they think it must be expensive because it is literally on of the most popular gadgets to ever exist!. Well, Discovery knows how you think and created VR content library and a kid friendly VR headset! Jack and I had a great time using it so I've decided to add it to my list of holiday gadgets to get in 2017! Check out the video for yourself.