• Cat Schwartz

What Do I Do?

I get asked this question kind of a lot so I figured I'd fill you guys in. The best way to describe it is that I advise on pretty much all aspects of Social Media, Digital and Influencer Marketing via a company I started 4 years ago called DGTL ADVISORS. OK, so what does that mean? It means that if a celebrity, Influencer, brand, individual, agency, lawyer or even a parent wants to know how this stuff works, they hire me and I help them figure out what they need to know to become more effective at what they're tying to do. I love my work and I love the thrill of watching the stuff I do unfold into successful and innovative marketing. So new wave - it's rad.

Still confused? Well here's a better look at what I do.... (click on the image to see the deck)

Thanks for caring!